Create an amazing experience for renters and owners through technology and a personal touch.

The Cribspot mission began in 2012 when we were seniors at the University of Michigan. Finding housing and dealing with property management companies was a pain. We could order dinner and a cab from their phones, but finding a place to live, signing a lease, and paying rent involved walking miles around town, finding someone who still had a paper check, and immeasurable stress and frustration. We were inspired to create a better way.

There were many problems, but we decided to start with Cribspot Search to solve the problem of searching for housing. We launched first in Ann Arbor before expanding to dozens of cities around the country. Renters loved searching on Cribspot. But they still experienced issues with photographs of inconsistent quality, owners that rebelled against online leasing, and an antiquated tenant experience after move-in that mirrored that of their parents and grandparents.

So in 2015, we started managing properties ourselves, going beyond just the online search process to create a modern Cribspot Home experience from end to end. With hundreds of owners and thousands of tenants, we’ve never been closer to accomplishing our vision.

Jason Okrasinski

CEO and Founder

Tim Jones

CMO and Founder

Evan Dancer

CTO and Founder

Torehan Sharman

Full-stack Engineer

Matt Lau

Operations Manager

Drew Dancer

Head of Leasing

Kevin Cooper

Mobile Engineer